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Life gets nuttier, crazier for me — but in a sense of happiness. I just got married last March 1! Quite a moment in my life, it was like coming fresh out of a cocoon; I'm a new man, so to speak! So far, after almost two weeks, our lives have been spiced up with more laughter and more loving. We both know that we have a new and different kind of life ahead of us. Marriage life is not all smiles, that's for sure. There will be lots of adjustments, trials and tribulations that will certainly come our way to test our bonds — and overcoming them is no easy feat. But if the person you love and promised to take care of is at stake, what else can't you conquer?

Our wedding rings!

Capturing the photographer's camera

A glimpse of the cathedral's altar...

Bye, bye, my paycheck, huhu... LOL


Just married... no mercy! Hahaha!

I was actually the one who really hit the jackpot.

My wonderful wife. Isn't she lovely? (sigh)


Awww... Kuchi...

I still have plenty of pictures here, but I've got to ask my kumander's permission to release them, hahaha! (subject to approval, LOL)
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