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I still haven’t read any book of the overly hyped Harry Potter series since many people I know went absurdly agog over it. My initial reaction when I first learned of the book eight years ago was like ah, okay, just another children’s book. My mannish hormones were in overdrive at that time — thrilled and fired up about college life and all — so who give a shit about Harry Potter? Likewise, I got a lot of anime in my head to take care of so I had no time for another long story about loony wizards and witches. But at this moment, things have become interesting. Harry is arguably not your ordinary children’s book after all. I admit I began to like the series after the 5th book was launched, especially upon knowing that death and darness already characterized the story (evil laughs). Friends tell me I’m a closet HP fan. They ask me that if I haven’t picked up and read any HP book, how come I get to like it? Of course, there’s the Internet, all I ever need to do is type some words and press the key. I read detailed summaries over the net and that’s already enough to satisfy me. I’m lazy, okay (evil laughs). In addition, I incidentally watched some HP films before so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to become a bit “inquiring” concerning what Harry will do next with his wand. Thanks to the Internet, I got to know what the ending would be even before the HP book 7 is released tomorrow because of many leaks that’s been popping all over the place (evil laughs). Someone with access to the American edition of the book has taken a photograph of every one of the pages and uploaded them to some fanfiction sites. I’m not a bad Santa so as much as I want to tell in here what the ending would be I’m just going to zip my lips. I don’t want to give HP fans a bad Saturday. Let’s just see how people would find the book seven. Happy reading!
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What in the nutty world is wrong with the word “TITI?” And how “abominable” is it? This is my question to the full-page ad that appeared in July 9 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The ad, perhaps worth more than one hundred thousand pesos, was placed by Antonio Calipjo Go, academic supervisor of the Marian School in Quezon City. In the ad, it says:

“On page 114 of the public school textbook titled HIYAS SA PAGBASA for Grade 5 appears this instruction: “Pag-aralan ang mga nakatalang mga salita.” ( “Study the given words.” ) Among the words asked to be examined minutely (pag-aralan) by the students are the words TITI, defined as ARI NG LALAKI (male sex organ), and TITATITA, defined as BUGAW (pimp).”

Doesn’t Go know what titi is? What is wrong with titi being defined as male sex organ? Even a 6-year-old boy knows what titi means. Unless Go does have any other definition of the word (which I highly doubt), why not tell the educators? If he merely wants the public to know that titi is all but a “gross” word that lost its way in a textbook, then he just clearly demonstrated how narrow-minded and bigoted he can be. This is a prime example of how conservatism and its set of parochial mentality imprisons people’s faculty of reasoning and understanding. It was ironic that Go used the case of Galileo as an ideal in promoting the truth (the conservative Catholic Church condemned Galileo because the latter supported Copernicus’ theory that the Earth is not the center of the universe) while he himself is still confined within the walls of conservatism by describing the word “titi” as “abominable.” Coincidentally, he works for a school which has religious affiliation with the very same institution that condemned Galileo.

I find nothing erroneous with the word titi; it only becomes wrong or morally objectionable when a person uses it in bad taste. In fact, the word was used in the proper context; the authors of the book did not even use the word in a sentence denoting or connoting sexual activity. They merely defined titi as a male sex organ — which is absolutely a FACT. Heck, we have been using that word since time immemorial, even before the word “google” found its place in Princeton’s dictionary as a verb!

Which brings me to my point: How should one translate penis? Vagina? Breast?

Ari ng lalaki? Ari ng babae? Dibdib?

Get real. It’s about time that we detach ourselves from the marshland of close-minded morality. It’s about time that we clear our cluttered minds of the traditional connotations that limit our capability to perceive things around us. Penis is titi, vagina is pekpek and breast is suso. If people find these words unacceptable, or better yet nasty, then there’s a problem with their nutty heads. The next thing we know, another ad would appear in a newspaper identifying a word with which some “academicians” would find a problem...


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At long last! I have watched the Transformers! Now, let me have some words for the film. This ain’t a New York Times movie review, so be forewarned, I just want to rate the movie based on what I saw and felt after watching it. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, I am giving the Transformers a score of 4.0. I would like to say that I consider the movie absorbing and helluva lot of fun — as long as I close my eyes and keep the thought to myself that it’s an adaptation of a toy collection/cartoon series. You can’t be wrong to say that everything unbelievable in a film is fun, because to begin with, these unbelievable things are what make this kind of film nice. Surely, if people are looking for some serious movie where one can reap subtlety and profundity or whatever crap critics nowadays philosophize about, Transformers isn’t for them. I can forgive the movie’s lack of characterization and the mind-boggling, eye-popping battle between Autobots and Decepticons (couldn’t distinguish who is who), as long as the humour, the matrix (oh yeah, seen a robot doing that Neo thing?) and yes, Megan Fox, are there. I can’t stress the special effects enough, they are completely incredible. The plot? Not enough to say it’s very good, but hey, there’s a sequel! Yep, it’s a trilogy!
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I’ll be damned. I really don't know what in the nutty world is happening to this once great, highly-principled, nationalist politician named Teofisto Guingona, whom, with Nene Pimentel, I admired a lot in times past. This proved that the philosopher Heraclitus was right after all, nothing lasts forever, people change, and things you adore today might become the object of your dislike tomorrow. But this truth may not come as a surprise when you look at politicians, particularly the trapos and the corrupt, since we all know how many times they could have a “change of heart.” It’s just that sometimes in the jungle, you look for tamed beasts who do not devour things and do not relish their being members of the most powerful creatures in the land. That’s what I SAW in Guingona BEFORE. But after what he said in public recently about Erap, whom he said is now “a new man who has found a new light and a new life,” I am now abashed... and embarrassed. I just don’t know. It’s just so upsetting to know how some great people sink to the level of trapos, bowing down to a devil just to kick the ass of another devil. It's just so upsetting...
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Some people sometimes rub you the wrong way. Like they are trying to make you feel guilty and dumb for doing something they think is stupid. It's because they themselves are stupid. The hell, they don't have to tell me why I did something if they are going to ask me that all over again, like a damaged CD, just to rub it in and tell me hey you did a mess of a thing and you're gonna be responsible for that, like "hala bakit mo ginanyan, lagot ka kay..." Sometimes I just crack a joke, but deep down I'm really about to blow up. You know for yourself that I did that, so why the f*** do you have to say it all over again? This kind of act pisses me off bigtime. I don't do that to anybody. Perhaps, it's a bad thing that I appear to them as cheerful and friendly that it sort of gives them the audacity to sling just any clumsy and impolite remark at me. Everybody has his limits. I am not a saint. Don't be shocked if I suddenly shoot you. I don't care if I do it face-to-face or the backbiter's way. If you try to piss me off again, all hell will break loose.
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Hahaha! Nokia, Vodafone, Samsung and Motorola (the hell with LG) must have been thanking the good heaven this week. They had been bedevilled by worries about how the iPhone — a multimedia and Internet-enabled mobile phone by Apple — would blow up their narrowing and densely competitive cellphone market. Since Steve Jobs announced the coming of the much-celebrated gadget in January, top honchos from all cellphone companies had been fidgety, while geeks and conyos had all gone nutty. Not until some days after its release when many people realized the anxieties and the long wait for the overly hyped gizmo aren't worth it after all.
I don't think many people in the our country would be lured to purchase a cellphone that isn't like your regular up-to-date cellphone. The common handheld features that are positively valued by cellphone customers, especially the Filipinos, are missing. For example, the iPhone doesn't have voice dialing, voice recording, instant messaging, memory card slot, MMS, A2DP (stereo bluetooth), common Bluetooth file transfer, GPS capability, text copy and paste, video recording, native games and support for MP3 ringtones files. Also, its rechargeable battery is non-removable, and once depleted, will need to be replaced by the manufacturer for a fee. Some techno addicts think it's a little disappointing that iPhone only features a built in 2.0 megapixel camera, not at least around 4.0 megapixel. And here's one for a bang: the iPhone cannot record video! LOL.

The only thing that Apple iPhone can be proud of is its touch screen technology. But it only recognizes signals coming from flesh. So if people are living somewhere in Alaska where they usually use gloves, using an iPhone can be depressing...
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