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Just over a year after Gab came to our life, things that need to be done and fixed have been piling up. Minor stuff that we ignored in day two are now surfacing like wild grass around the house. The wedding photos, the baptismal album, the papers and certificates, the mothballed online business, etc.­ are enough to really make us feel dizzy. And recently, we just came up with another plan! Whew! If we had not been this composed, things would have become a real mess. We can no longer do the things we used to do back in the days (I've already warned April about marriage, but she was stubborn, hehe).

Truly, becoming a parent is a demanding responsibility. Not that we complain about it. These things make up for an exciting and challenging life. It's the same with having a commitment and surrendering what you have and what you can become to the persons you love, and it's a risk that you are willing to take in exchange for another kind of happiness, the kind only parents can feel. I am one of those who are more than glad to have taken that risk.

At present, we still don't have a realistic plan to get all the things done and clear our heads of those trying to snatch our attention. But I guess we'll just have to let those stuff pile up in the meantime. We're too busy "creating" moments and we can't really let these spoil the fun. ^_^
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