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I don't know if it's me or my surroundings but it appears I'm losing the enthusiasm to blog as often as I used to. It's not that there's nothing to write; far from it. Oh well, some friends say that most of us get this "blogging crisis" thing. Or sawa na kaya ako? Siguro, I just don't have the time to type the words...  

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It's been a week now since I left my "comfort zone." Luckily, I have managed to get by on my own without fretting about the adjustments that I would have had to make. Perhaps, I just exaggerated it. Maybe it's not really a toxic place to work in after all. Especially if you are certain that you are a human and not a machine, and that you don't give a damn about an unrealistic goal.

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Over time, as we keep on doing the same stuff and get the same rewards out of them, situations inevitably snowball into a zone where one always wants to be in --- comfort. A feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment and a life of ease, that is. Has the time for me to move on and try different things for the benefits of not only myself but of my loved ones as well arrived? Maybe. I know it's risky, the feeling of getting out of your comfort zone, but as they always say, each of us must make our own way in the world. But what if I get things wrong? What if I mess up? What if I make a blunder? Frightening, it really is. But if I always stay like chicken and try to stay clear from all mistakes by sticking with just a few “safe” ways, I might miss out on most opportunities as well. Besides, it's not just about ME anymore. It's about my loved ones. "Completely liking" what I do should be the least of my concerns now, shouldn't it be?

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Believe me, I really entertained the idea of scribbling my own the-end-of-the-world-is-here letter and distributing it through e-mail, similar to the "chain messages" we receive on our cellphones. Many Filipinos believe in this kind of mumbo jumbo, don't we? I might as well kill my time sharing things like this when I get bored.

"Pass this message to all your friends or you're gonna die in 7 days."
"Pass this message to all your friends or something bad will happen to you in 50 hours."
"Recite Hail Mary 77 times and Our Father 98 times and you will receive the grace that god will give to you in 3 days. Ignore this and something bad will happen to your loved ones..."

I'm tired of hearing people saying wala naman mawawala sa'yo kung susundin mo. Actually, there is. If you know for yourself that superstitions are not true, why still do it? It's like you're fooling yourself. Respeto mo sa sarili mo ang isa sa mawawala sa 'yo. How many superstitions are you willing to follow? Imagine if you are going to follow all of them, you'll be wasting a lot of time and energy which could be channeled instead to doing some REAL and positive things.

We're living in a 21st century world now. It's about time we wake up from sleeping through stone-age period.
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Eraserheads? Eraserheads? Yes! Your eyes don't fool you! Eraserheads, the legendary, critically-acclaimed, best-selling Filipino pop/rock band, will be reuniting for a one-night concert to be held at the CCP Open Grounds on August 30, 2008! Talk about reminiscing, woohoo!

The fuzz about the reunion has actually been hovering like wild airborne virus over the blogosphere and cyber communities for a week now. And it just needed one brush of confirmation from none other than ELI BUENDIA himself, no less, to seal the spreading gossips off with an ultraelectromagnetic yes!

Eraserheads Reunion. At last.

This will be a one-night only concert, and they may never have another reunion in the future, so it's really wise to try attending this one. My only complaint is that the concert is for free, which means the venue will easily be swarmed with uncontrollable number of people from all walks of life who may create tensions while moshing, slam dancing and headbanging to the tunes. It's going to be a wild circus.

Each to get around P5 million? Hmmm...

But, well, a good music always comes with a bang.

For more info, visit
College days came back to me when my officemates inadvertently brought up philosophy subject to lunch a while ago. I remember my own adventure in the world of nothing-can-come-out-of-nothing stuff. It was both funny and draining. Funny because you wouldn't know whether what you and your philosophy professor are talking about makes sense. Draining because all those seemingly stupid questions would tire you out and you would still not come up with convincing answers. What is life? Does god exist? Is mankind morally good? What is a priori?

It's not that I really don't care to really find out the answers to all these questions. My opinion is that life, which I want to enjoy, is too short to be used and spent to answer questions that may remain unanswerable forever.

This is not to say that philosophy doesn't have value. It does have value. And admit it or not, we learned from this philosophy. In fact, many of us have some sort of philosophy in the sense of a personal outlook on life, as we all know it. Even a man who claims that contemplating on philosophic questions is a waste of time is actually expressing what is important or worthwhile. Hating philosophy is STILL a philosophy.

Through studying philosophy, I discovered that not all truths are truths, and not all lies are lies. In philosophy, I learned to think critically and logically. Through it I discover the ways to expand what I can think of. By "philosophizing," I learned to prove or disprove things by arguing. I jumped from the "quagmire of ignorance" to the hills of knowledge, so to speak (although I must say I sometimes wish I were still ignorant on some matters like religion). As philosophers say, every institution of society is based on philosophic ideas, whether that institution is the law, government, religion, the family, marriage, industry, business, or education. What you are today is a product of some philosophical ideas surrounding you.

Talk about this philosophy makes me really miss my college days. I almost made a "treatise" about the value/existence of free will! That's how serious I was.

So much for philosophy. It's been a while since I last saw my professor. I wonder how would he tell the students that the "chair" really doesn't exist...

Here is an old philosophy joke that made me really laugh. I still find a lot of this kind in many discussions and forums:

Two freshman philosophy students see the following bulletin posted on the wall of their lecture hall:

Saturday, September 26, 1998, All Day

Neither of them knows what it means and they are both curious. The pair decide to find the professor and ask some questions. When they locate the professor's office, the bolder of the two enter the building while the other remains outside.

Student: "Uh...Sir..What does Crash Course in Logical Assumptions mean?"
Professor: "Well, it involves taking information that you have, forming assumptions using logic, and then creating new information. Let me try to answer your question by asking you a question. Do you own a car?"
Student: "Uh...Yes, I do."

Professor: "Well, then I can now logically assume that you drive."
Student: "Yes, I drive. "

Professor: "Then I can logically assume that you drive on weekends."
Student: "Yeah, I drive on weekends, I go out on dates."

Professor: "Then I can logically assume that you have date partners."
Student: "Well, yes, I have a girlfriend."

Professor: "Then I can logically assume that you are heterosexual."
Student: "Uh...hell yes! OK, I think I understand what this course is about now. Thanks a lot for your time."

Once back outside, his friend asks him: "So, what's it all about?"
"Its about using information and stuff...Let me answer your question by asking you a question. Do you own a car?"
"Uh...Then you're homosexual, dude!"

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After blaming God, Sulpicio Lines is now suing PAGASA for a wrong forecast. Isn't that great? I mean, wow, the Sulpicio's lawyers are really keeping their asses focused on the job. They are trying everything to reduce the weight of guilt by passing it to somebody. If only they would just accept their mistakes and rectify it by helping the dead people's relatives, they might still be able to earn the forgiveness of the victims.
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Magic doesn't exist. Only tricks.

Magic (or tricks) is obviously not just for kids. I have watched a lot of stage magic shows on TV, and it's pretty clear most of the audience are adults. David Copperfield. Florian Zimmer. Lance Burton. Criss Angel. Dai Vernon. You name it. Even David Blaine shows many of his tricks to adults.

Okay, okay, so what am I trying to say? People can't just dismiss magic as some sort of a lousy only-for-kids stuff. There's really more to it than meets the eye.

Sadly, lots of people has done little more than mock it. Why? Because they can't figure out how it is done. Because they think they are being fooled by some sleight of hands and illusion. Because they know it's not true.

Of course it's not true, idiots. Of course they are being fooled. Hahaha! Would any magician dare say what they do is unnatural?

Magic doesn't exist. Only tricks. Half-witted dullards should know it, stupid.

Many magicians do not believe in supernatural occurrences. Paranormal. Psychokinesis. Telekinesis. Any thing that denotes the purported ability of the mind to influence matter, time, space, or energy by means outside the currently known laws of physics. I don't believe them, either. Until a scientific findings prove them to be true, they will remain craps for me. Craps.

Magic, well, you know that it is not true. The challenge actually is to find out HOW they work. It makes you think, as well as wonder, when the magician does it smoothly. How did the freakin card disappear? How did the coin break?

It's completely logical. No crazy, out-of-the-world rituals. It's just the things he uses, the speed of his hands and the illusion you get.
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To those who are planning to purchase laptops, be forewarned. First, I am no Steve Wozniak. Second, I am a Journalism graduate, not computer science. I am basing this review on the assumption that every product sold and every service rendered deserves feedback. It's my first time to own a laptop, so I figured I might as well say something about it in the spirit of sharing knowledge and experience.

For a couple of weeks, Kuchi and I had been window-shopping for a nifty and respectable laptop. Being a (lousy) writer and a graphic artist, we both knew the importance and the necessity of having a full-featured computer that could be easily used anywhere. Actually, practically every electronic equipment that can be miniaturized and optimized for mobile use and efficient power consumption is very effective at present (there are some disadvantages, but they are considered minor). We just wanted to own an inexpensive laptop on which I can write and store my articles/stories, and on which Kuchi can edit, design and save her graphic art works. We had literally craned our neck and peeped through window panes for a couple of weeks until we singled out a sleek, scratch-free laptop named Neo Basic B2165N. In other words, we bought it.

The Neo Basic B2165N laptop comes with many features. It uses an Intel Pentium Dual-Core technology with 1.73 Ghz processor speed, 1 GB DDR2 memory, 1 MB L2 cache and 667 Mhz FSB. When we first used the laptop, we were impressed. It's fast enough to handle six windows with different programs at a time (using both Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu Version). I wonder how faster it can run if it were using a Core Duo technology. We haven't installed Photoshop and other related graphics software yet, but I "guestimate" the laptop can handle it as well without trouble (although a little slower, I presume). You might even have second thought about purchasing a more expensive but similar Pentium Dual-Core laptop once you get to try the fast processing ability of Neo Basic.

Neo Basic Laptop: Scratch-free


I've tried watching DVD on the Neo and I can say it's fairly neat. It's almost as clear as watching DVD on a real Philips or Sony player. I don't know if it has something to do with pixel or anything but I could almost see the transparent rope used by the cast in a Chinese martial art flick I watched using the laptop. Neo Basic's graphics is VIA VN896CE + VT8237A with WXGA LCD (any idea what it means? LOL). Neo Basic also comes with a 120 GB SATA hard disk drive! That's pretty big in today's standard (remember, it's 2008. I don't know how big a 120 GB after 10 years from now). So big you could almost store considerable amount of MP3s and AVIs files and still have a lot of free space. Not bad for a relatively unknown laptop. Before, only Dell XPS and Toshiba Satellite users can brag about their hard disks' capacity.

With a Dual-Core Processor

Almost as pretty as Lenovo Thinkpad

Internet is no problem, either, as the laptop also comes with WiFi. It has 7-in-1 card reader, although I still don't know how it works. There's also a webcam, a nice feature for closet camwhores and exhibitionists (LOL). It has bluetooth, too. It runs on a 6-cell Lithium-ion battery. And the weight? It's 2.4 kg. Not that light, but not heavy, either (I have friends who have 3 kg. laptops).

With card reader, bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

By no means I am saying that Neo Basic laptop is the best laptop around. Hardly. There are still a lot of laptops out there which are WAY better than this one. In fact, compared to other branded laptops like Thinkpad, XPS, HP Pavilion and Satellite, there's actually nothing "special" about Neo Basic. Except, perhaps, its sleek look, its being scratch-free and the cost. Any other features can also be found in other laptops, particularly the branded ones. In addition to those, there are some things in Neo Basic that can get on the nerves of anybody. For example, its CPU runs hotter in no time than in most laptops, something we tend to hate since we all know overheating easily damages one's computer or any electronic stuff for that matter (good for you if you are in an air-conditioned room). So it's wise to buy a fan to help it cool down. The bad news, however, like some laptops, it can't avoid airborned dust and debris, so as many users have attested, the laptop might eventually run hotter and louder as the years pass. Let's say after 5 years or so, you may have to disassemble it for thorough cleaning — or burn your pocket big time. That is, assuming your laptop at the time is still running.

Another problem is that Neo's customer service is allegedly not that good, with reports saying they take a lot of time to have your laptop fixed (I wish it's not true for other customers). Even if your laptop comes with a one-year warranty (like mine), if the service is bad, it's almost useless. If these are true, then the only consolation one can get is that Neo laptops are relatively cheaper and is fit for people with meager budget. Unfortunately, consolation can also become synonymous to low quality. I just wish some of the controversial problems circulating over the net were just isolated cases.

Anyway, since I've just been into a month of using our Neo Basic laptop, it's premature to say it's really good... or really bad. There are still issues to be raised, like durability. For now, I'll stick with it and give it the benefit of the doubt. In any case, I've had good time using it and so far, not a single problem has surfaced. I hope this goes on until my one-year warranty is up.
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The myth has it that when the pregnant wife steps over the husband's body, the latter will also get to experience pregnancy symptoms. Many people I know actually subscribe to that belief. I never believed that "feeling pregnant" could really happen to a husband until I found myself feasting on sour foods.

Kuchi does step over me in the bed every time she needs to get to the toilet to pee or whatever. Lately, the peeing has become more frequent as she goes through her second trimester pregnancy stage. Her habit of sleeping in the bed right after drinking plenty of water has made the peeing even more frequent, making her wake up in the wee hours. Of course, the stepping over a body is nothing but as it is — a myth. Although symptoms can seem very real.

A husband feeling pregnant is most likely due to a psychological desire of a husband to become "united" with what his wife feels. Perhaps that's what I feel. Or maybe things have become even more stressful for Kuchi. Since she became pregnant, we've been undergoing lifestyle changes together. As she eats more, I eat more as well. As she sleeps longer, I sleep longer, too. As she craves for sour fruits, I crave for sour fruits, too. Thank goodness, Kuchi hasn't had those crazy mood swings — yet. But I've got a feeling she will have those sooner or later.

That's why I have already entertained precautionary measures. You can never guess what's in the mind of your wifey until it's too late and you're already outside the kulambo.
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Kuchi is pregnant! Wow! The thoughts of becoming a father and having a family are really overwhelming. Am I really going to be a daddy? The pregnancy test kit and our doctor couldn't lie. I've been asking myself this question a couple of times now while getting the same answer over and over. I just couldn't digest it. I know having a baby is pretty normal, but it's really unbelievable to me. My feeling just doesn't make sense, does it?

The idea of fatherhood is sometimes exhilarating, other times daunting. I know it's a fact of life, but thinking about having your own baby, knowing that a new life is starting to be created out of your own flesh and blood makes you feel so blessed and complete. It's a heaven-made fulfillment, especially to a wife who goes through difficult and sensitive stage of pregnancy. It is daunting at the same time as you are now given a responsibility of rearing a human being, and most of what he or she is going to be in the future rest on your shoulder. But who won't really become responsible after seeing, feeling, kissing and hearing that little life that will ultimately consume your life as a father? Who won't?


Our doctor said that the baby is due on around December and January based on ultrasound scanning. It was incredible seeing the 8-week old baby moving on the monitor! It's just so wow... I couldn't get my eyes off the screen. The head and arms were gradually forming and the heart was beating fast. I wished I could hear it. I really wanted to hear it. So this is what a would-be-father feels on seeing his yet-to-be-born baby? I asked myself. Damn, I wouldn't trade that moment for something else.

The dos and donts of pregnancy are, honestly speaking, not that really hard to follow. In fact, we were surprised to find out that Kuchi can virtually eat almost all kinds of food, although she needs to cut back on drinking caffeine-filled beverage like sodas and coffee and on eating too much salty, fried and junk foods. Instead, the doctor said, she should eat more fruits and veggies. She would be taking prenatal vitamins as well. Basically, it's just like you're going into a healthy lifestyle.

Everybody's excited. Our parents, sisters, cousins and friends are looking forward to touching our first-born baby, the first real grandchild of our parents. We all have dreamed of the time when we can hold the baby in our arms, when we can feel the warmth of her breath and frailty. It's just so amazing and inspiring. The baby isn't coming out yet but it's already making the 1000-watt smile in our face really brighter. Indeed, the saying is true. A baby will really make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank account smaller, home happier and the future worth living for...
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I'm starting to play chess again. I don't know what's getting on my head. But I feel like I need to exercise my brain more often. And chess would be the best way to do so since I'm already familiar with its rules. Although I know the rules, I didn't play the game as a sport or a hobby before. If my guess is right, I've just played more or less 50 chess games in 15 years since I first learned it when I was 13. It was my father who taught me the basics. I only played against high school friends who, like me, were very amateurs and didn't even know the rules of the game in a real tournament. No time control, no Reti or Sicilian opening, not even some special tactics. Nothing at all. Just plain capturing and checkmating. I beat almost all of them, and almost all of them beat me in return, much to my chagrin.

When I realized that I was neither gifted nor talented in the game to even become a decent amateur player, I simply gave it up and played no more of it. But now it's all coming back to me. Not the idea of becoming a master, but of beating the damn chess program in my computer and lording it over my friends. I simply figured that if there are many masters out there, there are even more low-level players like me around.

I started playing the game again last Wednesday. The first three games were very frustrating, I nearly cursed the chess software. I lost them all in no more than 30 moves. After the third game, I immediately looked into some of Grandmaster Wesley So's games in the Internet archives (particularly those of him being up against GM Susanto Megaranto and GM Ahmed Adly) and check their openings and tactics, and guess what? I improved! Well, at least that's what I thought of myself. I 'almost' managed to salvage a draw with my fourth and fifth games against the computer, but being a computer capable of knowing thousand to million possibilities of a winning game, I eventually lost the end games, another proof that some time in the future computers will outwit us. Remember when a computer chess program of IBM defeated then world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997?

It might be a little too late to study chess to improve my playing, but that's exactly what I'm planning to do. I don't know, but it kinda challenged me. As of now, I have learned the algebraic chess notation. Next in line will be the openings. Sounds ambitious. They said that during the Renaissance, chess was a part of noble culture and it was used to teach war strategy. Well then, it's applicable to life challenges, as it is about evaluating possibilities. It's nice being two to three steps advanced. It's like you have some power to read what your opponent thinks.
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The prices of goods and commodities have been soaring sky high lately. And coming from a lower middle class background with a roughly average standard of living, we're feeling the pinch. Veggies, meat, oil, cement — even pandesal! Life isn't as easy as I anticipated when I got married. Our plan of saving up a certain amount of money in the bank every month isn't likely to materialize in a time like this. Thankfully, we don't have to get frantic over apartment rental yet, since we decided to live under one roof with my parents for a while. Of course, we're no freeloaders. I'm still paying for our electric bill, sack of rice (now amounting to P1,700 — up from P1,200 two months ago) and LPG (now amounting to P700) once in a while, though we don't eat much in the house. Speaking of electric bill, we paid over P3,000 last month, 15% more than what we had paid the previous month. That's still what we paid for after almost burying our refrigerator in oblivion.

Whatever the motives of the Malacañang in criticizing the biggest power supplier in the Philippines that is Meralco — forcing them to reduce the price of power will be much appreciated. It would surely help us make both ends meet. Too bad oil price is also out of control and it seems that there is nothing we can do about it, except to cross our fingers and hope that OPEC will stop manipulating oil production rate. Ironically, the standard of living in the country is rising. I remember two years ago, we used to buy a cup of meal (meat) at a price of P25. Now it's P40. Even veggies can't be called "alternatives" now, since its now costly, too. After TV and laptop, I don't know if Kuchi and I will still push through the plan of purchasing a light motorcycle, an underbone (probably, a Honda Wave 125cc), which we can use around the town. We're wondering whether it is still practical, although we're not just after the practicality thingy (we don't want to miss the fun part).

There's so many things we wanna buy, but have little money to spend on. Even the thought of rearing a healthy baby — and bringing up a well-provided family for that matter — gives us some worries. Wish we could come up with ideas that would give us some fat checks. Because whatever jobs we have at this moment are simply not enough to chase the dreams we had envisioned a decade ago when still in college. But that's life. Who knows what's in store for us in the next 10 years?
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So the former Afro-sporting Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Laker was named the NBA Most Valuable Player of this year (not officially announced as of this moment, though). At long last. In my honest opinion, it's a little long overdue. If you're watching his games, Bryant has matured and grown into a versatile, constant scoring machine, and if there's another individual worthy to be called the "next Michael Jordan," that's definitely Kobe. He can score, pass, rebound and defend, and has given his team three championship ring so far — things that make one an MVP. Maybe not as great as MJ once was, but Kobe is just 29 and he can still break some records that the former has been holding for a long time. Oh, how I love to see Kobe becoming MJ-incarnate. Fans need it. NBA without such superstars is boring.

Kobe Bryant believes he can fly...

Speaking of MVP, I heard that Jason Castro (not the dreadlocks-haired folk from American Idol), the extraordinarily talented point guard who became 2006 and 2007 MVP of the Philippine Basketball League signed up with the first Asia-based club in the NBL, the Singapore Slingers. This just made him the first Filipino to have signed up with a team in Australia's highly competitive National Basketball League. Slingers' operations manager Michael Johns (again, not that one from American Idol) said that Castro was really good. But I know John is a little exaggerating. I believe it's a marketing move from the team since there are large Filipino communities in Singapore and Australia. And they know how addicted the Filipinos are to basketball.

Not to put our fellow Filipino down, but there are many better players in the PBA to choose from, if the Slingers is really after the "talent." But as professionals, they will definitely have problems with the cost, hence they stick with a talented but an amateur Castro. It still sets a record, anyway. Unlike what happened to Johnny Abarrientos who, long time ago, figured in a proposition that might have made him the first Filipino and Asian to become an NBA player. Remember? The proposition, put forward by some publicity-hungry agent from United States had turned out to be a hoax. Many saw that coming, however, but it put Johnny in a bad light. Who could have believed that a 5-6 Filipino player could make it to the NBA?

But nothing is impossible in China, as the case of Batere Menk and Wang Zhizhi, who were really overhyped by both US and Chinese media (but where are they now?). Now, it's Yao Ming and Yi Jinlan's turn. With nearly a billion Chinese watching the game, that's really a sure big market for the NBA. That will generate a hell lot of money, one of the main causes why NBA exists. They mean business. If they can't get something out of a player other than the usual basketball skills, I don't think anybody can be in the NBA.

Menk Batere. "Overhyped?"
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I like pizza a lot. Whether it's Italian, New York or Hawaiian, nothing beats the oven-baked bread-based open pie topped with mozzarella cheeze, tomato, meat, pepperoni and Italians-know-what-else. It's not everyday that I eat pizza, so Kuchi and I make it a point to feast and gloat over it once in a while. An exception is this sort of pizza that's been creating some buzz in Vigan City. It's a "pinakbet-flavored pizza." Just the sound makes me eeew. Haha! Actually, I patronize pinakbet, but as a home-cooked meal, not a pizza. I heard that local restaurants in Vigan started serving this kind of pizza some months ago. Like any other pizza, pinakbet pizza includes usual flavors, except that its toppings include squash, eggplant, patani, okra and string beans. Don't forget ampalaya — which I can't imagine finding in a pizza, but yikes, it's there! And the bagoong!
Pinakbet Pizza
Pinakbet Pizza — Put the above veggies over this tasty pizza and that's what you'll get, LOL
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It was weird hearing my father asking about religion yesterday. I didn't know what's on his mind. I'm no expert in religious matters, although I'm knowledgeable enough to give him a crash course concerning some religions. I owe this to my years of reading books/pamphlets about basic philosophy and intro to religion, studying evangelism (during my 'born again' days) and getting immersed in several religious forums — which unfortunately provided me more questions than answers.

So I explained to him what he just needed to know — the varied definitions of atheism, deism, agnosticism, pantheism and the simple theism, and how (or why) people came up with such ideas and decided to become men of such beliefs. I don't know if religious stuffs are getting into his head, or maybe he's beginning to experience "spiritual crisis," if such crisis really exists. Although I wish he would not inquire and try to dig deeply into religious matter — lest he really wants to get himself into confusion. I myself have had enough of it. Finding the 'truth' is a lost cause for me. "Kaysa naman hindi mo alam tapos oo ka lang ng oo, e di parang niloloko ko lang ang sarili ko..." he said, something to that effect. Indeed, there are lots of people out there who don't even have the slightest idea about their religions. I WAS one of them.

Sadly, there are many people blinded by their indomitable faith who keep on proselytizing their religions to some who they believe have become "lost sheeps." What made them think that their religions are true and others false?
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While anxiously awaiting the results of the Philippines final population count — two months late off the scheduled release — I came across an interesting article about population program of Singapore. Worried about the city's declining birth rate, the government of this tiny country began teaching its high school polytechnic students in FORMAL COURSES on HOW to FLIRT. Said one Singaporean student: "My teacher said if a guy looks into my eyes for more than five seconds, it could mean that he is attracted to me, and I stand a chance."

And would you believe that the course includes "love song analysis" and how to chat online? As we are bracing ourselves to accept the incredible projected population of over 90 million — excluding the undocumented mouths feeding on luck or rugby — here is one rich tiny country trying to increase the number of its people!
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I know I should be used to this since we live in a tropical country, but I just can't let the feeling pass without saying it — IT'S FREAKIN HOT!

Yesterday, the weatherman in a cowboy hat reported that the temperature in the coconut islands could reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius in May, depending on how soon La Niña (another phenomenon that could turn your day into a catastrophy) will say hello. This is so close to saying I should take a cold shower every night and hit the sack naked... or almost naked.

I always wonder how Arabian people who lived before the 19th century could have survived living in the deserts and their surrounding areas, most particularly in the Middle East. Today, air-conditioner is a must in countries such as Saudi Arabia whose temperature could reach as high as 45 degree Celsius... or even more. I can attest to that since I got my ass working in Saudi before. When the air-conditioner (or AC as Indians normally call it) in our room failed to run one night, we just couldn't bring ourselves to sleep. It was both suffocating and well... hot! How much more if you find yourself visiting El Azizia in Libya or Death Valley in the US of A where frying food is no problem.

As always reported, this planet gets hotter and hotter each day, thanks to the First World countries for emitting too much greenhouse gasses while reproaching and blaming other countries for global warming. Well, if global warming continues, expect the sea level to rise, the weather events to go extreme and the amount and pattern of precipitation to change. Other than that, changes in agricultural yields, trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors should be expected as well (yeah, vectors, you know, whatever that means). Remember my last post about doomsday? Well, this may very well be the start of it.

Ice candy, anyone?
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Life gets nuttier, crazier for me — but in a sense of happiness. I just got married last March 1! Quite a moment in my life, it was like coming fresh out of a cocoon; I'm a new man, so to speak! So far, after almost two weeks, our lives have been spiced up with more laughter and more loving. We both know that we have a new and different kind of life ahead of us. Marriage life is not all smiles, that's for sure. There will be lots of adjustments, trials and tribulations that will certainly come our way to test our bonds — and overcoming them is no easy feat. But if the person you love and promised to take care of is at stake, what else can't you conquer?

Our wedding rings!

Capturing the photographer's camera

A glimpse of the cathedral's altar...

Bye, bye, my paycheck, huhu... LOL


Just married... no mercy! Hahaha!

I was actually the one who really hit the jackpot.

My wonderful wife. Isn't she lovely? (sigh)


Awww... Kuchi...

I still have plenty of pictures here, but I've got to ask my kumander's permission to release them, hahaha! (subject to approval, LOL)
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at Wednesday, January 16, 2008 | 3 comments
I'm an avid basketball fan. I play the game, idolize its legends, immitate talented players, analyze statistics and watch a lot of games — NBA, PBA or even UAAP/NCAA. In short, I love it more than any other kind of sports in the planet. My favorite team in the PBA are Ginebra (Añejo, Tanduay) and San Miguel. While in NBA, my favorites are the old-Chicago Bulls (with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Toni Kukoc), LA Lakers (Both Magic Johnson and Kobe/Shaq era) and the current Nowitski-led Dallas Mavericks. In UAAP, my favorite team is --- never mind. I joined some barangay leagues before when I was in my higschool and, later on, I played with and coached a young team abroad (when I worked in Saudi Arabia), even managing to get our boys to the finals, where we lost to a rough backbreaking veteran team (we're cheated!) sometime around 2004. That was the last time I ever got to play the sport. I miss basketball so much, but I haven't got time to play it. Well, honestly, there have been a lot of opportunities for me to play and get wild again on the court. The thing is I will have to "sacrifice" my time with Kuchi just to get into the ballgame. And to sacrifice a time with Kuchi for a baskeball game is kinda hefty. That I cannot do. Huhuhu. I just wish a perfect time to play basketball would soon come knocking on my schedule.

So what's with this sudden talk about basketball? Well, I dreamed last night that I was a basketball player, an awesome NBA player playing for the BOSTON CELTICS. Dream on, man!
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Here’s the remaining dumb and funny headlines in my cellphone’s archive.

CRASH COURSES FOR PRIVATE PILOT (if the course is about “going to heaven,” why not? LOL)

COCAINE USE HITS NEW HIGH (wow, pare, nakakahigh naman ang balitang to...)

DEAD BODY FOUND IN CEMETERY (hindi nga? may patay sa sementeryo?)

MAN SHOOTS NEIGHBOUR WITH MACHETE (ano kaya ang bala ng machete? hmmm...)

(errr... so ngayon nakakakita na siya?)

MAGICIAN’S CAR VANISHES (e di palitawin niya uli!)

SEX EDUCATION DELAYED, TEACHERS REQUEST TRAINING (wow! sarap naman ng magiging training nila! parang gusto kong maging teacher!)

ABILITY TO SWIM MAY SAVE CHILDREN FROM DROWNING (hah? so kapag hindi marunong lumangoy, malulunod? ahhh...)

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Monday, January 7, 2008 at Monday, January 07, 2008 | 3 comments
I chanced upon some interesting books being bargained at Powerbooks in Megamall last Friday night. So interesting that I was practically tempted to spend my remaining money on them, if not for my churning stomach which was drooling over a beef teriyaki meal in a Jap fastfood I’d passed over on my way to the bookstore. Among the good books waiting to be picked and purchased were “The Lost World” by Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Shrinking Man” by Richard Matheson and a story (or biography) about Andres Segovia. Doyle’s book intrigued me because I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes, while Matheson’s book aroused my interest because he is, coincidentally, the author of the science-fiction-fantasy-horror book (and now adapted to movie) “I Am Legend,” which I’m planning to watch this month. Segovia, on the other hand is, well, a proponent of classical music on guitar, that’s all (I have a classical guitar at home, so that makes a connection LOL). But what really caught my attention was this book about nutty newspapers’ headlines. It's a collection of some of the world major newspapers’ most dumb headlines. And according to the author whose name I can't recall, they are “the awfully, comically and obvious-to-the-point-of-stupid newspapers headlines..." But since I didn’t like to trade food for books that time (although I might in some opportunities), I just saved a couple of the selected headlines to my cellphone’s archives. Imagine, some of the headlines were written in broadsheets like the New York Times. I thought Americans don’t tolerate stupidity? I was really laughing while reading it. Okay, here are some them (with my side comments)!

Sadness Is No. 1 Reason Men and Women Cry (really? how sad, huhuhu. don't they get cry when provoked? ah, I'm asking stupid question...)

Light meals are lower in fat, calories (so heavy meals are higher in fat and calories? ahhh...)

Bible Church's Focus is the Bible (why not Quran?)

Teen-Age Girls Often Have Babies Fathered By Men (maybe some women can father, too?)

Alcohol Ads Promote Drinking (well if its rubbing alcohol, then it's alarming)

Scientists See Quakes in L.A. Future (errr, will we have tomorrow today?)

Renewed Fighting Threatens Peace (ano raw?)

Survey Finds Dirtier Subways After Cleaning Jobs Were Cut (ah, okay...)

Putting Mattress On Floor Prevents Fall From Bed (oo nga naman... aysus! common sense pare!)

As luck would have it, my cellphone suddenly turned itself off. Dead bat, LOL. Obviously, I will have to post the other dumb headlines tomorrow or the following day or when I have the time and steam to post them. If you have some funny headlines deserving our attention, feel free to post it on the comment box. In the meantime, enjoy and laught them off!
Happy New Year! As the old adage says, better late than never. What took me so long to resume blogging? Laziness, perhaps. There’s actually a lot of stuffs to blog about---funny things we did and embarrassing moments I got myself into last Christmas vacation---but I just couldn’t devote myself into writing. I really wanted to savor every minute of my vacation, and of course the only way to do that was to stay away from a computer, keep my mind off the whole darn writing things and relish every yuletide errand I had with my family and Kuchi. It didn’t save my pocket from any trouble, though. I have eight godchildren and counting. And every time I think of them as Christmas comes, my heart is suddenly wrapped with overwhelming grief. Just kidding. Hahaha!

New year? Well, festive as usual. We had more food on new year, but we lit less firecrackers at the strike of midnight. That is to say, we only had three fountains (two of them were supot pa!), 50 lusis (sparkler sticks) and 50 kwitis (skyrocket). Normally, we have up to five fountains, 100 lusis and kwitis, sawa and scores of five-stars and OG during the celebration. My sisters are braver than me in lighting them. We have safety rules in igniting them so we have never lost a finger... so far.

I got back to work just yesterday and it was so boring. If I had just more vacation leaves left, I would have used them all to extend my vacation all throughout the week. Good thing traffic isn’t heavy yet, and it’s kept my head cool. If I’m not mistaken, we have a deadline to beat this week, but as far as the atmosphere of the company is concerned, it’s just an illusion. LOL.
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