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I chanced upon some interesting books being bargained at Powerbooks in Megamall last Friday night. So interesting that I was practically tempted to spend my remaining money on them, if not for my churning stomach which was drooling over a beef teriyaki meal in a Jap fastfood I’d passed over on my way to the bookstore. Among the good books waiting to be picked and purchased were “The Lost World” by Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Shrinking Man” by Richard Matheson and a story (or biography) about Andres Segovia. Doyle’s book intrigued me because I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes, while Matheson’s book aroused my interest because he is, coincidentally, the author of the science-fiction-fantasy-horror book (and now adapted to movie) “I Am Legend,” which I’m planning to watch this month. Segovia, on the other hand is, well, a proponent of classical music on guitar, that’s all (I have a classical guitar at home, so that makes a connection LOL). But what really caught my attention was this book about nutty newspapers’ headlines. It's a collection of some of the world major newspapers’ most dumb headlines. And according to the author whose name I can't recall, they are “the awfully, comically and obvious-to-the-point-of-stupid newspapers headlines..." But since I didn’t like to trade food for books that time (although I might in some opportunities), I just saved a couple of the selected headlines to my cellphone’s archives. Imagine, some of the headlines were written in broadsheets like the New York Times. I thought Americans don’t tolerate stupidity? I was really laughing while reading it. Okay, here are some them (with my side comments)!

Sadness Is No. 1 Reason Men and Women Cry (really? how sad, huhuhu. don't they get cry when provoked? ah, I'm asking stupid question...)

Light meals are lower in fat, calories (so heavy meals are higher in fat and calories? ahhh...)

Bible Church's Focus is the Bible (why not Quran?)

Teen-Age Girls Often Have Babies Fathered By Men (maybe some women can father, too?)

Alcohol Ads Promote Drinking (well if its rubbing alcohol, then it's alarming)

Scientists See Quakes in L.A. Future (errr, will we have tomorrow today?)

Renewed Fighting Threatens Peace (ano raw?)

Survey Finds Dirtier Subways After Cleaning Jobs Were Cut (ah, okay...)

Putting Mattress On Floor Prevents Fall From Bed (oo nga naman... aysus! common sense pare!)

As luck would have it, my cellphone suddenly turned itself off. Dead bat, LOL. Obviously, I will have to post the other dumb headlines tomorrow or the following day or when I have the time and steam to post them. If you have some funny headlines deserving our attention, feel free to post it on the comment box. In the meantime, enjoy and laught them off!


Meryl said...




Jan 8, 2008, 3:02:00 PM  
Darkside said...

"Putting Mattress On Floor Prevents Fall From Bed".. i see.. so I can use mattress instead of my loussy cousin who sleep on my floor beside my bed pala..

Jan 17, 2008, 10:04:00 AM  
bygrace said...

Well if being nutty counts I fit right in.

Jan 25, 2008, 3:11:00 AM  
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