Hmm... that has been about two weeks since my last entry. Obviously, the rush was over and we've finally gotten over it with, thanks to our "long weekend." We're back to normal again and have just started writing (or scribbling) articles that will be put together for the next issue of our magazine. I managed to brush off the "twitch" left by the haste surrounding the previous issue by taking a leave and spending the next weekends with kuchi, doing the mushy thingy, of course (forgive me, April, we're really mushy ^_^). Unluckily, some things suddenly came up without a warning and spoiled the happy days. Oh, not the kuchi days, thank God. It was in the office where relocation happened, that is, from one room into another. Imagine the inconvenience to the extent that you couldn't work the whole day because of trying to locate all your belongings that were suddenly placed somewhere only the heaven above knows. Funny but when we're helping people out lift computers, chairs and tables, the song "Changes" by Black Sabbath (Ozzy singing it) queerly popped up inside my nutty head, prompting me to sing out the chorus of the song "I'm going through changes..." In any case, we're beginning to get used to the atmosphere of the room. In fact, I really think I'm absorbing and sucking up all the good vibes covering the room which we actually share with, guess what? With the librarian!!!

Yes, we're inside the company's library. That's our new room.
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Monday, August 20, 2007 at Monday, August 20, 2007 | 8 comments
I should be enjoying my day-off at this hour reclining lazily on a soft couch and watching TV round-the-clock. But that is not what’s happening since I'm here in the office working. Actually, I've been here in the office since Friday night, stuck to work until tomorrow (Monday) — the day when we are expected to get the job done. It’s been almost two years since the last time I worked on a Sunday so it makes me a bit uncomfortable. Not to mention the thought of working tomorrow — a declared holiday. I’m glad I got to see Kuchi yesterday and got to spend quality time with her. She and my family have been teasing me about my overtime. Matindi raw ang pangangailangan ko LOL. If I only had my way, I wouldn’t come here to work overtime. But leaving my friends here would be inconsiderate of me. We work as a team. I just hope that we can get it all over with in time so we can all go home, because this is not my idea of a long weekend.

I’m sure gonna have some time off after this. I'll make it up with Kuchi.
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Thursday, August 16, 2007 at Thursday, August 16, 2007 | 6 comments
It’s too early for the PAGASA to play the clown and become a laughing stock. Unfortunately, that’s what seems to be going on recently. Suffice it to say that in a public service where predicting the status of weather in the coming days is the job you have, you could really be in for some rough sailing. If you can’t bring good news, then the least you could do is not to bring bad news. Otherwise, we can all go to hell and brave the rain for all we care. I guess things have really blown out of proportion in the viewpoint of many people. Whether the folks in the PAGASA do not have the right knowledge or the right gadgets to see through the thick, furious clouds, I don’t have the slightest idea. Okay, the latest of their predictions (or prophecies)? We have a La NiƱa. Wow, that's just great! What a complete and sudden reversal of climate condition!

I won’t be surprised anymore if in the next day, the PAGASA informs us of yet another dry spell that will hit the Philippines. If you feel the need NOT to tune in to your radios or watch TVs for weather news, just do so for your own sake; otherwise, get ready to hear and see live prophets clowning around the camera.

I guess there’s more to this weather forecasting than just blaming global warming.
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Something freakish happened just five hours ago. I was in a jeepney bound for Araneta Avenue (where I work) when a Chinese-looking, slender-bodied woman in her forties suddenly tapped me on my lap, asking me things one wouldn’t expect from a total stranger: “Do you really live around Araneta?” I’d just handed over my fare to the driver so it was no surprise she knew where I was going. But asking me if I live around the place?

“Ah, no Ma’am...”

“I see. So you’re maybe working there?”

“Ah, yeah... sort of...”

“Good. I just thought you might be interested in a job...”

I just smiled and turned my back. Deep down I was like who the hell is she? Who died and made her an instant HR personnel/recruiter? I knew, from my peripheral vision, that she was staring at me at that moment, and it’s freaking bugging me. I was finally able to marshall my thoughts when she finally got off in Morato area, thanks heaven. I’m certain she’s not the loony-type person lost in the wilderness. In fact, she looked worldly-wise and classy, like those people you see visiting Rockwell and the Podium. So if she’s sane and doing that kind of thing, she must be a con. She might be up to something fishy, and maybe at the time she had seen me as her “potential.” Too bad for her, I’m no gullible. She can’t trick me with an old-school hocus-pocus.

I wonder why and how people can live their lives screwing people around and stealing their hard-earned money in scheming ways. It really happens, especially in your workplace. Sometimes they do it in a way they would like you to think that you must be thankful to them, or indebted for what they did. You won’t know what kind of tricks they have up in their sleeves... until you fall into their traps.

Nutty World, indeed.


I've just finished reading "In Cold Blood," a book by American author Truman Capote published in 1965. It's a non-fiction novel detailing the 1959 slaying of the Clutters, a wealthy family from Holcomb, Kansas. I was told that it took Truman Capote six years to work on the book, interviewing and gathering information about the murder. It certainly didn't go to waste, because the book is very absorbing and a helluva page-turner. It has, in some degree, similarity with the book "The Chamber" by John Grisham, except that the latter is more of a court-drama fiction.

Nice book. Recommended to people who love crime stories and to journalism graduates who are hatching a plan to write non-fiction novels.

Credit goes to Earlie from whom I borrowed the book. ^_^. Not just a life sharer, also a book sharer (laugh).
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