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Something freakish happened just five hours ago. I was in a jeepney bound for Araneta Avenue (where I work) when a Chinese-looking, slender-bodied woman in her forties suddenly tapped me on my lap, asking me things one wouldn’t expect from a total stranger: “Do you really live around Araneta?” I’d just handed over my fare to the driver so it was no surprise she knew where I was going. But asking me if I live around the place?

“Ah, no Ma’am...”

“I see. So you’re maybe working there?”

“Ah, yeah... sort of...”

“Good. I just thought you might be interested in a job...”

I just smiled and turned my back. Deep down I was like who the hell is she? Who died and made her an instant HR personnel/recruiter? I knew, from my peripheral vision, that she was staring at me at that moment, and it’s freaking bugging me. I was finally able to marshall my thoughts when she finally got off in Morato area, thanks heaven. I’m certain she’s not the loony-type person lost in the wilderness. In fact, she looked worldly-wise and classy, like those people you see visiting Rockwell and the Podium. So if she’s sane and doing that kind of thing, she must be a con. She might be up to something fishy, and maybe at the time she had seen me as her “potential.” Too bad for her, I’m no gullible. She can’t trick me with an old-school hocus-pocus.

I wonder why and how people can live their lives screwing people around and stealing their hard-earned money in scheming ways. It really happens, especially in your workplace. Sometimes they do it in a way they would like you to think that you must be thankful to them, or indebted for what they did. You won’t know what kind of tricks they have up in their sleeves... until you fall into their traps.

Nutty World, indeed.


I've just finished reading "In Cold Blood," a book by American author Truman Capote published in 1965. It's a non-fiction novel detailing the 1959 slaying of the Clutters, a wealthy family from Holcomb, Kansas. I was told that it took Truman Capote six years to work on the book, interviewing and gathering information about the murder. It certainly didn't go to waste, because the book is very absorbing and a helluva page-turner. It has, in some degree, similarity with the book "The Chamber" by John Grisham, except that the latter is more of a court-drama fiction.

Nice book. Recommended to people who love crime stories and to journalism graduates who are hatching a plan to write non-fiction novels.

Credit goes to Earlie from whom I borrowed the book. ^_^. Not just a life sharer, also a book sharer (laugh).
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Anonymous said...

Truman's also a gayshit pimp.

Aug 9, 2007, 11:03:00 AM  
Darkside Coldfire said...

napagkamalan ka lang si CHOLO nun.. ^_^

Aug 10, 2007, 1:22:00 PM  
aLexkyut said...

smarte ka xeng tignan (ows..?!? kelan pa..?!? hehehe...) kaya nilapitan k nung babaeng yun na ultimong nag-change skin to personnel/recruiter... kaso nakakakaba nman yun, total stranger tapos gaganun xa, as if close kau... wakekeke... baka in past life mu, nagkakilala na kayo nun, pretending ka lang n hnd mu xa kilala kaya dinedeny mu xa... (wink...!!!)

Aug 10, 2007, 2:06:00 PM  
princess said...

naks,, papable ka daw kasi kuya

wahaha buti di natakot sayo.. type ka lang nun:))

grabe ah binasa ko yan..

talagang kelangan kong magleave ng comment ah!!

Aug 11, 2007, 3:36:00 PM  
badoodles said...

maybe she's trying to hit on you. is she hot? alright... i know she's in forties. just maybe.. thanks jezuz, it's not me, i easily get duped by those lame looking, meek people around.

Aug 11, 2007, 7:27:00 PM  
domblim said...

she wanted to offer you a job... and what job might that be? you said you're working around araneta? in cubao? sex toy, maybe...

Aug 13, 2007, 9:24:00 AM  
safiya said...

ano ba kse hitsura ni nutty boy????

Aug 17, 2007, 8:19:00 PM  
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