Everybody just loves Christmas Day. Religious and non-religious people alike won't disagree to say it's one of the best holidays we've got every year. On that day, people gather with family and friends to enjoy a festive meal and exchange gifts as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. No work. There's a lot of food. People's mood are positive. Everybody seems to be getting along. Amazing, isn't?

Putting aside our religious differences for a while, what can we do to "feel" the tradition of celebrating a season of peace, love and giving? Okay, here are 10 things to do:

1. Send Christmas cards to family and friends wishing them a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
2. Set up a live or artificial Christmas tree in your home. Decorate it with ornaments and lights.
3. Hang decoration in a doorway. It is traditional for people to kiss when they stand
4. Place lights and other decorations on the outside of your house and on your outdoor shrubs and trees.
5. Buy gifts for family and friends and pile them under the tree.

Planet of the Nuts Christmas

6. Ask your children to write down a wish list of the toys they would like to receive.
7. Play Christmas music in your house to get in the holiday spirit; some popular choices include "Silent Night" and "Pasko na Sinta ko."
8. Prepare a huge Christmas feast with foods such as Keso de Bola, ham, salad and vegetables; serve fruits for dessert. Include other favorite recipes from your childhood holiday meals.
9. Attend church on Christmas Eve.
10. Remember that the true meaning of the season is really about giving.

Help those less fortunate than you are at this time of year. Donate a toy for a needy child, or give food to a food drive or homeless shelter so others can enjoy a holiday meal. Christmas is celebrated around the world in a wide variety of ways. Incorporate traditions from other cultures into your own festivities to create your own unique traditions. Above all, show the true spirit of Christmas — love!
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It was in 1998 when I first got the taste of online chatting. YM and other instant messenger systems were virtually non-existent at that time (although AIM released their first version in 1997, it was practically unknown at that period). IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, ruled the chatting world then. The late 90s saw the monumental interest and passion toward Internet in the Philippines, so you could just imagine how hooked and hyped Filipino geeks were with the web. So when a friend introduced me to the wonder world of online fantasy — boom! — it hit me. In no time, I instantly went gaga over the net.

Who wouldn't get hooked with this technology? In a chatroom, you can bask in different identities. You can shroud yourself with another personality. You can either act like a pious saint or behave like a wicked asshole, and nobody can figure out what you really are. Usually, chatrooms become the outlet of your evil self — the bitch side of you. Once inside, you can blow your own trumpet. You can act like a big cheese. You can cry wolf. You can spit on the face of a person you hate (of course, in an "Internet action"). You can lie, you can curse, you can preach — it's all up to you. But while all these bells and whistles may enchant you and get you hooked, it can also get you in trouble. If you are in a cyber world and you act like a babe in a woods, you'll be a loser. Stupidity has no place in the Internet. Online romance, get-rich-quick scheme, etc. — these are just some of the stuff you need to familiarize yourself with. Newbies or users who are new in the Internet are usually the target because they are so gullible they think the real world and online world co-exists together. And it's usually too late before they get their senses back.

My girlfriend and I have had scores of arguments over the intention or direction (if there is any) that people, or I to be more specific, have in joining some online chatrooms and forums. So what's with the chatting and forums? There are five intentions I can think of:

1) romance (may include sex)
2) friendship/company
3) money
4) intellectual pursuit/information/knowledge
5) plain adventure (when bored)

Frankly, no. 1 was my first intention. I was in my college and my hormonal universe that time was in overdrive. And there comes number 2, but it was really vital to number 1. I mean, most romantic relationships, whether meaningful or not, start with friendship, right? LOL (the moves). What about money? Nah. Intellectual pursuit? Not at that time. Plain adventure? Nah. That would be too expensive. I hate to admit but aside from my cellphone bill, my Internet escapades burned my pocket really fast. I usually ran out of money before weekends came. All I wanted was a romance. Talk about being desperate. LOL!

Noon yun. Pramis! (I know some will raise eyebrows haha). Chatting today or joining forums, for me, are just mainly for number 4. Friendship will not be out of the picture completely, but that is not my intention anymore. Friendship will just come. No more silly cyber romance. Wallowing in the world of fantasy is not my cup of tea anymore. I've gotten over all these Internet hypes except this blog. That's what I can do best while lingering on the crazy world of Internet.
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Don't let the title of my entry fool you. I'm not into dancing. In fact, I don't dance, except when I am thrust into just-for-fun moments. And I'll be blogging about it. It's just that some things you know from the past have a way of knocking on your brain. Like some dance songs.

I admit, I danced around when I was a kid. I remember dancing to the tune of the song "Name Game" by Laura Branigan (don't ask my age). It's an 80s song, probably hitting the radio station in 1986 when I was in kindergarten. I was also "chosen" to dance to Francis Magallona's "Mga Kababayan" in Grade 1, wearing a tight leather jacket that shines in daylight. It was also in my grade school days when I got up the stage and danced to the popular "Ice, Ice, Baby."

My "dancing career" didn't end there, though. In high school, I danced to some folk and native songs to my utter embarrassment. There was this folk dance program where we had to dance through thin benches without falling. Of course, I fell. My "career" suffered another blow when I lousily danced to the song "Always," which, at that time, was made popular by the UMD (Universal Moron Dancers). That was the end.

Okay, not exactly the "end." The last time I did it again was last year, during a company Christmas party. As expected, nagkalat kami. He, he, he.

Here's the list of dance songs which elicited some fond memories:

1. Billie Jeans - Michael Jackson
2. Play That Funky Music - James Brown
3. U Can't Touch This - Mc Hammer
4. Stars - Simply Red
5. The Sign - Ace of Base
6. Ice, Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
7. Mr. Boombastic - Shaggy
8. Shy Guy - Diana King
9. The Name Game - Laura Branigan
10. Always - Erasure

I forget the title of some songs. Like the one "Angelina..." (baho...blah, blah, blah, di ka nagsasabon...LOL). I know you like that song, haha! And there's this one "How Gee! American Express! How gee!" Hala, medyo napapasayaw ako rito ah. Hahaha!
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Have you ever thought that the world revolves just around you? Because I have really thought of that.

I used to think that I was the only creature in the world who had free will, and that everybody else around me was just like some pawns created by God for me. I was sometimes under the impression that people were just like “robots” placed in the world for a lifetime to play their roles in a script solely written for me . Seriously, I thought that whatever things happened in this world happened because of ME. Yes, me and me and me. If that was a form of autism or a distorted idea of megalomania, I have no idea. Maybe when I was in my adolescence---when I really seriously entertained this idea---I had a negligible, weak form of autism. Every time I saw some doing stuff or thinking about things, a part of me popped up suggesting that people do not ‘really’ do things on their own volition; rather, they do things because God makes them do so for me. Sounds like Stalin, doesn't it?

But after a series of reflections and meditations, and occasional watching of films The Matrix, I now feel like I am just one of those “pawns” created by God for some special people who ain’t have slightest idea that we men were created equal. Or maybe I am just clouded by harsh realities of life.
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I was leafing through the newspaper when I came across the opinion section where readers can post their brief thoughts about a particular issue through text message (SMS). Pretty cool. But it was this question that really caught my attention: Given a chance, what would you rewrite in our country's history?

Here are some of the thought-provoking answers sent through SMS by different readers around the country (with my reflections).

I will erase the death of Magsaysay and have him serve two full year terms. All right, I don't know much about this guy, except that he was the president of our country after Elpidio Quirino. He is oftentimes portrayed as a "pro poor" president, the "champion of the masses." Okay, perhaps he had this motive of really serving our people, or perhaps not. The fact that he was surrounded by CIA and elite clans would make one agitated and wary. But yes, Philippines, at that time, was no. 2 in Asia in terms of economy (Japan being the no. 1). If this could be attributed to the USA influence in our political atmosphere in the 50s, I don't know. Perhaps before we get into conclusion that Magsaysay might have been an American puppet and could have not done any better, it would be worthwhile to ask ourselves and ponder on these question: could we have been better off if we were made state of the USA?

I will delete the term of Erap and extend the term of Ramos. It could work. Except that the Philippines would still babysit incompetent and traditional politicians who don't know much about governance except getting their porks. It was under Ramos administration when oil deregulation law was passed. From a mere P0.75 jeepney fare, it skyrocketed to around P3.00. Before we knew it, the government was already begging each and every oil company to lower their prices. Having Erap as president was a big joke. But then again, who were to be blamed? People were sick and tired of intelligent president.

Instead of the Spaniards and Americans I would have British rule us for 350 years. I don't think so. I don't have any idea why some people think that British rule would be better than Americans and Spaniards. See how colonial mentality has corrupted our way of thinking? Why, after given a chance to rewrite our history, would you still choose to be colonized? Why not write "Philippine was never invaded" instead? Spanish, American and British rule, they are all the same. They all rhyme with the word "under." Under Spanish rule. Under American rule. Under British rule. Myanmar was under British rule before and they have had revolutions ever since (now they are under military rule). Was India became stable after their independence from Britain?

There were still lots of interesting thoughts sent by readers in the newspaper, unfortunately I have run out of time to post them here and contemplate about them. Nevertheless, there was one text message from a reader though that left a permanent impression in my mind...

There’s no need to rewrite history because Filipinos easily forget the past anyway. Our amnesia is the reason why we love to elect then re-elect lousy leaders, forgive unrepentant icons sans justice and fight in wrong wars.
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The Supreme Court has just declared MMDA's "wetflag scheme" legal.

Good decision. I just don't see anything wrong with the wetflag scheme — a program aimed at teaching pedestrians to use the sidewalk and stay off the road while waiting for a ride — so I was surprised to learn that some people had actually gone to court to challenge it. Under the program, MMDA vehicles bearing white flags soaked in water (measuring seven by five feet) go around the metropolis to drive back pedestrian who wait on the road to get their rides to the sidewalks. So, what's the problem with that?

It's pretty obvious how passengers (I'm one of them) contribute to the building-up of traffic in Metro. Wherever the passengers flock, there go the public utility vehicles (PUV). One cannot avoid waiting on some zones where loading and unloading are prohibited when you see others doing the same. Unless you are willing to go home late, or by some luck, a PUV suddenly stops before you. But that's normally not what a passenger does in order to catch a cab or a jeep.

When the goverment doesn't do its jobs, they lambaste them; and when they do, they still lambaste them. How nutty can they get? Just look at the sidewalk vendors. The funny thing here is some of them who call themselves "mahihirap" and who have the temerity (kapalmuks) to challenge MMDA's move to drive them away are not even taxpayers. That's the part that gets into my nerves. I PAY my taxes and they don't. Just imagine other poor people who try earning their living in a decent, legal way. They are more entitled to criticize the government than these nutty creatures who don't do anything but plague us with all their whining.
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The first time HBO showed Erik Morales inside his locker room for their "grand finale" fight, I knew he wouldn't be able to beat Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. He was so skinny, as rawboned as an African refugee. He was definitely not the same warrior who had fought Pacman in their rematch last January. He was just a shadow of his former self. There was no way he could beat Pacman with that body. No way.

Rumor had it that right after Morales tipped the scales at 129 lbs in their official weigh-in two days before their fight, he feasted on food like there is no tomorrow and almost drowned himself drinking fluids---enough proofs of how dehydrated and empty his body was. Indeed, he really had taken his diet program seriously just to make the weight. It turned out to be successful---except that he had no ample power left as a boxer after finishing the program. And that took its toll on their final fight.

But that shouldn't diminish Pacman's performance. If Morales could give excuses for losing the bout, so could Pacman had he lost the fight. It was reported that Pacman was running a 39 degree Celsius fever and a sore throat during the fight, enough to reduce his strength by considerable percent, let alone the game plan he and his trainer had perfected during his four months of hellish training. Morales would have been a fool if he had still blown his own trumpet after the humiliating knock downs.

In three rounds, Morales' punched to the tune of desperation. Since he knew he wouldn't last that long, I was sure he was after the big lucky blow. Why do you think he used a Cleto Reyes gloves? It was clear he was going for a kill, otherwise he would be grasping his breath for not being able to catch up with Pacman. Did you see how Pacman bravely took Morales' punches? He was like "come on, give your best shots!" Unfortunately, those punches were the best that Morales could throw Pacman with. And it didn't hurt Pacman at all. It didn't. When Morales was knocked down in first round, you wouldn't have to wait for the fat lady to sing before you could say it's over.

Morales bit off more than he could chew — beating Pacman in his prime — in vain.

Goodbye Morales. Thanks for all the boxing sports' greatest moments you shared with us. I'm asking you in a sympathetic fashion, por favor, retire and enjoy life with your family. You should fight no more.

No mas, no mas.
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The idea to write down your thoughts in the Internet for everyone to see---or to "blog"---has been spreading like wild fire. To date, there must be around 100 million blogs in the cyber space, a vast army of scribblers who are apparently committed to voice out what they think, no matter how revolutionary or foolish. Wherever I turn, I see different species of nuts---scribblers of nutty ideas to which I belong---trying to fortify their domains in this jungle. To be honest, I don't want to be left in a technological limbo and miss the taste of verbal liberty that is blogging. I feel I need to secure a cyber place for myself right at this very moment...

So here I am, nut, nut, nutting on the heaven's door. ^_^.
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