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The Supreme Court has just declared MMDA's "wetflag scheme" legal.

Good decision. I just don't see anything wrong with the wetflag scheme — a program aimed at teaching pedestrians to use the sidewalk and stay off the road while waiting for a ride — so I was surprised to learn that some people had actually gone to court to challenge it. Under the program, MMDA vehicles bearing white flags soaked in water (measuring seven by five feet) go around the metropolis to drive back pedestrian who wait on the road to get their rides to the sidewalks. So, what's the problem with that?

It's pretty obvious how passengers (I'm one of them) contribute to the building-up of traffic in Metro. Wherever the passengers flock, there go the public utility vehicles (PUV). One cannot avoid waiting on some zones where loading and unloading are prohibited when you see others doing the same. Unless you are willing to go home late, or by some luck, a PUV suddenly stops before you. But that's normally not what a passenger does in order to catch a cab or a jeep.

When the goverment doesn't do its jobs, they lambaste them; and when they do, they still lambaste them. How nutty can they get? Just look at the sidewalk vendors. The funny thing here is some of them who call themselves "mahihirap" and who have the temerity (kapalmuks) to challenge MMDA's move to drive them away are not even taxpayers. That's the part that gets into my nerves. I PAY my taxes and they don't. Just imagine other poor people who try earning their living in a decent, legal way. They are more entitled to criticize the government than these nutty creatures who don't do anything but plague us with all their whining.
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