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Happy New Year! As the old adage says, better late than never. What took me so long to resume blogging? Laziness, perhaps. There’s actually a lot of stuffs to blog about---funny things we did and embarrassing moments I got myself into last Christmas vacation---but I just couldn’t devote myself into writing. I really wanted to savor every minute of my vacation, and of course the only way to do that was to stay away from a computer, keep my mind off the whole darn writing things and relish every yuletide errand I had with my family and Kuchi. It didn’t save my pocket from any trouble, though. I have eight godchildren and counting. And every time I think of them as Christmas comes, my heart is suddenly wrapped with overwhelming grief. Just kidding. Hahaha!

New year? Well, festive as usual. We had more food on new year, but we lit less firecrackers at the strike of midnight. That is to say, we only had three fountains (two of them were supot pa!), 50 lusis (sparkler sticks) and 50 kwitis (skyrocket). Normally, we have up to five fountains, 100 lusis and kwitis, sawa and scores of five-stars and OG during the celebration. My sisters are braver than me in lighting them. We have safety rules in igniting them so we have never lost a finger... so far.

I got back to work just yesterday and it was so boring. If I had just more vacation leaves left, I would have used them all to extend my vacation all throughout the week. Good thing traffic isn’t heavy yet, and it’s kept my head cool. If I’m not mistaken, we have a deadline to beat this week, but as far as the atmosphere of the company is concerned, it’s just an illusion. LOL.
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Meryl said...

Better than nothing. :)

Jan 6, 2008, 7:21:00 PM  
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