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The myth has it that when the pregnant wife steps over the husband's body, the latter will also get to experience pregnancy symptoms. Many people I know actually subscribe to that belief. I never believed that "feeling pregnant" could really happen to a husband until I found myself feasting on sour foods.

Kuchi does step over me in the bed every time she needs to get to the toilet to pee or whatever. Lately, the peeing has become more frequent as she goes through her second trimester pregnancy stage. Her habit of sleeping in the bed right after drinking plenty of water has made the peeing even more frequent, making her wake up in the wee hours. Of course, the stepping over a body is nothing but as it is — a myth. Although symptoms can seem very real.

A husband feeling pregnant is most likely due to a psychological desire of a husband to become "united" with what his wife feels. Perhaps that's what I feel. Or maybe things have become even more stressful for Kuchi. Since she became pregnant, we've been undergoing lifestyle changes together. As she eats more, I eat more as well. As she sleeps longer, I sleep longer, too. As she craves for sour fruits, I crave for sour fruits, too. Thank goodness, Kuchi hasn't had those crazy mood swings — yet. But I've got a feeling she will have those sooner or later.

That's why I have already entertained precautionary measures. You can never guess what's in the mind of your wifey until it's too late and you're already outside the kulambo.
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