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Kuchi is pregnant! Wow! The thoughts of becoming a father and having a family are really overwhelming. Am I really going to be a daddy? The pregnancy test kit and our doctor couldn't lie. I've been asking myself this question a couple of times now while getting the same answer over and over. I just couldn't digest it. I know having a baby is pretty normal, but it's really unbelievable to me. My feeling just doesn't make sense, does it?

The idea of fatherhood is sometimes exhilarating, other times daunting. I know it's a fact of life, but thinking about having your own baby, knowing that a new life is starting to be created out of your own flesh and blood makes you feel so blessed and complete. It's a heaven-made fulfillment, especially to a wife who goes through difficult and sensitive stage of pregnancy. It is daunting at the same time as you are now given a responsibility of rearing a human being, and most of what he or she is going to be in the future rest on your shoulder. But who won't really become responsible after seeing, feeling, kissing and hearing that little life that will ultimately consume your life as a father? Who won't?


Our doctor said that the baby is due on around December and January based on ultrasound scanning. It was incredible seeing the 8-week old baby moving on the monitor! It's just so wow... I couldn't get my eyes off the screen. The head and arms were gradually forming and the heart was beating fast. I wished I could hear it. I really wanted to hear it. So this is what a would-be-father feels on seeing his yet-to-be-born baby? I asked myself. Damn, I wouldn't trade that moment for something else.

The dos and donts of pregnancy are, honestly speaking, not that really hard to follow. In fact, we were surprised to find out that Kuchi can virtually eat almost all kinds of food, although she needs to cut back on drinking caffeine-filled beverage like sodas and coffee and on eating too much salty, fried and junk foods. Instead, the doctor said, she should eat more fruits and veggies. She would be taking prenatal vitamins as well. Basically, it's just like you're going into a healthy lifestyle.

Everybody's excited. Our parents, sisters, cousins and friends are looking forward to touching our first-born baby, the first real grandchild of our parents. We all have dreamed of the time when we can hold the baby in our arms, when we can feel the warmth of her breath and frailty. It's just so amazing and inspiring. The baby isn't coming out yet but it's already making the 1000-watt smile in our face really brighter. Indeed, the saying is true. A baby will really make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank account smaller, home happier and the future worth living for...
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april said...

swerte ang mga unang apo ksi sabik pa ang lahat sa bata. tulad na lang nung pamangkin ko. nsa knya lahat ng atensyon. tpos binibilhan pa siya ng lahat ng kung anu-ano. laruan, damit,etc.

at tlgang ubod ng swerte ng bata na yan kasi ako ang magiging ninang. hahaha!

Jun 5, 2008, 3:12:00 PM  
Anonymous said...


Jun 5, 2008, 4:03:00 PM  
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