Magic doesn't exist. Only tricks.

Magic (or tricks) is obviously not just for kids. I have watched a lot of stage magic shows on TV, and it's pretty clear most of the audience are adults. David Copperfield. Florian Zimmer. Lance Burton. Criss Angel. Dai Vernon. You name it. Even David Blaine shows many of his tricks to adults.

Okay, okay, so what am I trying to say? People can't just dismiss magic as some sort of a lousy only-for-kids stuff. There's really more to it than meets the eye.

Sadly, lots of people has done little more than mock it. Why? Because they can't figure out how it is done. Because they think they are being fooled by some sleight of hands and illusion. Because they know it's not true.

Of course it's not true, idiots. Of course they are being fooled. Hahaha! Would any magician dare say what they do is unnatural?

Magic doesn't exist. Only tricks. Half-witted dullards should know it, stupid.

Many magicians do not believe in supernatural occurrences. Paranormal. Psychokinesis. Telekinesis. Any thing that denotes the purported ability of the mind to influence matter, time, space, or energy by means outside the currently known laws of physics. I don't believe them, either. Until a scientific findings prove them to be true, they will remain craps for me. Craps.

Magic, well, you know that it is not true. The challenge actually is to find out HOW they work. It makes you think, as well as wonder, when the magician does it smoothly. How did the freakin card disappear? How did the coin break?

It's completely logical. No crazy, out-of-the-world rituals. It's just the things he uses, the speed of his hands and the illusion you get.
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