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I know I should be used to this since we live in a tropical country, but I just can't let the feeling pass without saying it — IT'S FREAKIN HOT!

Yesterday, the weatherman in a cowboy hat reported that the temperature in the coconut islands could reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius in May, depending on how soon La Niña (another phenomenon that could turn your day into a catastrophy) will say hello. This is so close to saying I should take a cold shower every night and hit the sack naked... or almost naked.

I always wonder how Arabian people who lived before the 19th century could have survived living in the deserts and their surrounding areas, most particularly in the Middle East. Today, air-conditioner is a must in countries such as Saudi Arabia whose temperature could reach as high as 45 degree Celsius... or even more. I can attest to that since I got my ass working in Saudi before. When the air-conditioner (or AC as Indians normally call it) in our room failed to run one night, we just couldn't bring ourselves to sleep. It was both suffocating and well... hot! How much more if you find yourself visiting El Azizia in Libya or Death Valley in the US of A where frying food is no problem.

As always reported, this planet gets hotter and hotter each day, thanks to the First World countries for emitting too much greenhouse gasses while reproaching and blaming other countries for global warming. Well, if global warming continues, expect the sea level to rise, the weather events to go extreme and the amount and pattern of precipitation to change. Other than that, changes in agricultural yields, trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors should be expected as well (yeah, vectors, you know, whatever that means). Remember my last post about doomsday? Well, this may very well be the start of it.

Ice candy, anyone?
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Meryl said...

Ice candy, ice cream... Anything with ice seems fine! Wooh! Hot, hot!

Apr 9, 2008, 6:11:00 PM  
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