Eraserheads? Eraserheads? Yes! Your eyes don't fool you! Eraserheads, the legendary, critically-acclaimed, best-selling Filipino pop/rock band, will be reuniting for a one-night concert to be held at the CCP Open Grounds on August 30, 2008! Talk about reminiscing, woohoo!

The fuzz about the reunion has actually been hovering like wild airborne virus over the blogosphere and cyber communities for a week now. And it just needed one brush of confirmation from none other than ELI BUENDIA himself, no less, to seal the spreading gossips off with an ultraelectromagnetic yes!

Eraserheads Reunion. At last.

This will be a one-night only concert, and they may never have another reunion in the future, so it's really wise to try attending this one. My only complaint is that the concert is for free, which means the venue will easily be swarmed with uncontrollable number of people from all walks of life who may create tensions while moshing, slam dancing and headbanging to the tunes. It's going to be a wild circus.

Each to get around P5 million? Hmmm...

But, well, a good music always comes with a bang.

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