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Believe me, I really entertained the idea of scribbling my own the-end-of-the-world-is-here letter and distributing it through e-mail, similar to the "chain messages" we receive on our cellphones. Many Filipinos believe in this kind of mumbo jumbo, don't we? I might as well kill my time sharing things like this when I get bored.

"Pass this message to all your friends or you're gonna die in 7 days."
"Pass this message to all your friends or something bad will happen to you in 50 hours."
"Recite Hail Mary 77 times and Our Father 98 times and you will receive the grace that god will give to you in 3 days. Ignore this and something bad will happen to your loved ones..."

I'm tired of hearing people saying wala naman mawawala sa'yo kung susundin mo. Actually, there is. If you know for yourself that superstitions are not true, why still do it? It's like you're fooling yourself. Respeto mo sa sarili mo ang isa sa mawawala sa 'yo. How many superstitions are you willing to follow? Imagine if you are going to follow all of them, you'll be wasting a lot of time and energy which could be channeled instead to doing some REAL and positive things.

We're living in a 21st century world now. It's about time we wake up from sleeping through stone-age period.
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