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Last Sunday, Kuchi and I went to a Chinese restaurant in Cogeo to celebrate my godson’s 2nd birthday. Before that, we had had one of those heated petty quarrels that seem inscribed in BF-GF relationships. But just like always, we had patched things up so quickly that we forgot the whole thing when we got in the restaurant. In no time things’ become so mushy again. The affair was impromptu and the assigned host didn't come, so my godson’s mother---a single mom---needed to drag a teen to do the job. Without preparation and forethought of what she’s going to do with the improvised program written in a piece of paper, she tried to entertain the crowd, mostly children, with game after game, until she ran out of ideas and turned the affair into a singing contest (laugh). And then the owner of the restaurant tried to make the affair a formal one and convinced one of the godparents to give an inspirational speech, sort of a toast, and I was singled out to do that. Although most of my friends said that the speech was inspiring enough to get the attention of people, I realized that some of the things I said were ridiculous. Besides, I told the crowd that my message would be short; instead, it went long, about 3 minutes, with 1/3 of it went to a boring, corny introduction. Afterward, we went to the Robinson Metro East with some friends to look for something to give to another friend of ours, Hector, who is getting married on September 29. Most of my friends and classmates have been settling down lately, I notice. Well, Kuchi and I have already talked about it ourselves and have decided to do the knot-tying thing next year (yay!). We are now preparing for it, and we want to do it without busting our tight budget. But the cost of everything is really blowing us away. Well, that’s just the way marriages are, no matter how you try to make it simple and inexpensive. But we just hope that, in the end, money will not be a headache. We are now saving up. Remember the last time I said I might scrape a living and eat boy bawang for lunch? That may happen LOL. Anyhow, to all the people out there who are generous, the donation box is already open and waiting for you LOL.
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deng said...

waw. next year na pala ang iyong kasal kuya. Hahaha. Malapit ka na pala mag-settle down. Godspeed. =)

Sep 19, 2007, 3:24:00 PM  
kuchi said...

Yep, wedding preparations are on the way. Yay! Hehe. Have I ever mentioned kuch that I'm so lucky to have you? But then you're also lucky, kasi lab na lab na lab na lab kita.. So we're both lucky huh? Aww.. Kuch mushy na naman ito ah.. hahaha!

Sep 21, 2007, 1:17:00 PM  
nutty said...

awww... wahahaha.. kuchi wag naman dito hahahaha! mushy mushy again bwahahaha

Sep 24, 2007, 8:32:00 AM  
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