Call all the gods and saints. Get advice from Feng Shui experts. Better yet, have your palm read. Do all this in the name of a get-rich-quick scheme. With a winning probability of maybe around .000000001% (even this is a wild guess), you'll surely need a lot of luck to hit a lotto jackpot. But then again, you only have P20 to lose, and probably few calories to consume while waiting in a long line of desperate-to-become-rich individuals like you and me. Yeah, you and me. Admit it.

As of today, the jackpot for the 6/49 lotto has reached P288,146,473.20. Nobody was able to correctly guessed the six number combination yesterday. Lucky us. By Sunday, it is expected to reach a record P300 plus million, thanks to all of us who continue to jack it up with our self-proclaimed winning combinations. Wow. P300 million. That's crazy. If I win, I would buy a helluva lots of properties, from condos and lands, to buildings and farms. I would buy resort islands. I would buy houses overlooking a city and ocean. I would buy stocks from companies (by the way, Meralco's stock value is soaring). I would everything. DREAM ON, BABY.

I have to place my bets earlier. It's gonna be a wild chase to the lotto windows. I remember the time I failed to place my bet when I had taken too much time thinking of the winning combination. It sucked big time. Good thing the numbers didn't appear in the winning combination the following day. Otherwise, I would have never forgiven myself.

Let's wish fate had different plans for all of us. To those who discourage you to bet, tell them to shove it and back off. I don't think playing lotto will ever become a vice, nor an addiction (since there is really nothing enjoyable about it other than the thought of winning it). Lotto is just a platform of hope, a rudder to a dream, an escape pod from a torture ship called reality.

Can money buy everything? Of course not. But who wouldn't want to have enough to buy ALMOST everything you want?
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idealpinkrose said...

i won! i won! hehehehe...

Mar 7, 2009, 3:12:00 PM  
Catolos said...

Like riding on a jeepney, grabbing some fisballs, buying pirated VCD's and now the Philippine lottery... it's just fast becoming one of the simplest thing in life.

Mar 28, 2009, 5:48:00 PM  
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