This is too easy even for a third-grader who has just been introduced to the dark side of Adobe Photoshop. But the caption was NOT photoshopped, I can assure you. Instead of 'Aquino,' it's really 'Arroyo' you're seeing here. This appeared at the issue of Manila Bulletin today. It's the second time something like this happened since ABS-CBN mistyped 'Aquino' as 'Arroyo' in their news last Tuesday (which also appeared in Yahoo News). We don't know how the Arroyos and her minions would react to this, but one thing is sure: this will NOT put her down. It's already been proven that no amount of criticism and sarcasm can put her down. I'm more worried about the person behind the caption. He or she may be searching for a new job at this moment...
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