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You can just feel how Filipinos erupted in ecstasy after the fight. Even the guy who just lost his wife and two kids in a fire that gutted their house in Bacolod a few days ago still managed to jump in joy while watching Pacman clobbered Cotto. I wonder if he watched it live in a theater or in the wake?

To be honest, I didn't expect Pacman to win the fight by technical KO. Humiliating Cotto like that was huge. Remember, this was the same guy who had beaten bigger elite fighters like Zab Judah (the man who almost beat Floyd “Money” Mayweather) and Shane Mosley (who beat the prime Dela Hoya and Antonio “Plaster King” Margarito). By beating Cotto, Pacman became the beast himself. A real freak of nature, you can say.

No wonder Cotto got KOed!

And now a Pacman-Mayweather fight looms. Boxing experts said the clash is inevitable since this will determine who between the two is the real pound-for-pound king. Besides, there's just too much money involved here, which professional boxing is really about.

As much as I don't want to become the bearer of bad news, this might be the end of Pacman's winning streak. I said it previously in my blog, and I will say it once more: Mayweather is way too smarter than Pacman. He will surely beat him---if the fight happens NOW---on points.

I just wonder how many fights should Pacman accept before he hangs up his gloves. Or how much money he will need before he can say he has enough. Even the Malacañang doesn't have anymore awards to give. Only Chavit wants him to continue fighting. And, perhaps, Krista. Or Ara. Or Matt. He has already stamped his legacy on the map of the boxing world. There is nothing else to prove. Other than one thing... His love for Jinkee!

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