VforCE (1 Million Volunteers for Clean Elections), a nationwide movement of volunteer individuals and organizations, is in need of a MILLION volunteers (or more) to cover about 300,000 precincts and 1,600 canvassing points in the country. The volunteers will work on the following fronts:

1) Voter Education and Involvement
2) Pollwatching
3) Operation Quick Count
4) Canvassing Watch

If you still believe that what is at stake in the May 2007 elections is the credibility of our insitutions and the viability of our hard-earned democracy, join this movement.

We can still claim our place in our country's democratic life, by ensuring that the May 2007 elections are honest and credible, and that candidates who have the people's interests at heart get a fair shot at winning.

Text: 0922-8600-SLB
Call: 10149 (toll-free on PLDT phone)
Posted by Nutty Boy


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