My opinions in religion, culture and even politics some years ago were very different from today. At present, there’s no way I can all fuse them into a single unified belief without contradicting itself. I can say that what my views yesterday are almost, if not totally, opposite of my views today. Say for example, my thought about homosexuality. Before, when people asked me if I viewed homosexuality and sex change as “bad,” I would, without a blink of an eye, say “yes!” and would go on explaining how God made just two sexes and anything else outside this are unacceptable, nasty and immoral. Lately have I just realized that homosexuality has nothing to do with immorality. What is really nasty about becoming your true self?

The cause of homosexuality---which some described as a trait, disease, behavior, desire, mental illness, perversion, political identity, lifestyle and even sin---is still undetermined. My sister and a cousin, who were both psychology graduates, said that there have been no proven tests stating that this abnormality stems from psychological or biological problems.

Many believe that gender is hard-wired in the brain before birth. Most homosexuals said that they have been bakla and tomboy since the beginning, ‘trapped’ in men’s or women’s bodies, so they claim. Our gender is, according to them, can be more determined by our brains and not by our bodies. Most of them argue that because mental gender cannot be changed via psychiatric means, the only alternative left is to change the physical body to match the mind.

It must be depressing for a guy who had just undergone sex change operation to become a woman when “his” petition to change his name and gender was denied by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. It’s not that the SC was glued to conservatism; there aren’t enough laws recognizing sex change, and the gender of somebody registered at birth — derived from physical body — is still immutable. Unless, some new legislation about sex change are passed, which I highly doubt, people who have gone sex transplant may not get their desired gender.

As expected, some conservative people would rebuke this as a work of evil. But is there more evil than cutting the thin hope of people who only wish for completeness and happiness? What injury will it cause conservative people when a homosexual corrects what s/he believes is wrong with his/her body? How many more of them does God have to create in order for these conservative people to realize that He actually wants them here?
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Hello. And Bye.

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