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I’ve been struggling to get up in the morning lately. It must have been the hangover from a long vacation. I was relieved to hear that some family members took care of observing All Soul's Day for me since I couldn't visit any cemetery last week. The deads are dead anyway. Honoring them in my words and deeds is more spiritual than observing All Souls Day. Besides, we got a whole year to visit the cemetery. So instead of socializing with dead bodies, I used the holidays to loosen up myself and breathe fresh air by wandering in Pangasinan and Baguio with Kuchi. The fun and laughter have been sticking to my head for some time now, making me forget to work last Monday. I just couldn’t beat it. And just today, I nearly threw in the towel again. I need to hit the sack a little earlier to overcome this feeling. But I’m already looking forward to another holiday on November 30!

Before I forget, it’s been a year now since I started blogging in Blogspot! Cheers! Thanks to all my readers out there who have kept on reading and sharing their thoughts. More entries (and years) to come!


sed said...

happy blogaversary :P

Nov 7, 2007, 8:03:00 PM  
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